Who we are

Established in 2009, our clients include leading names in the financial services, healthcare, retail and manufacturing industries. Our headquarters are in London and New York. We also have offices in Pittsburgh (US), Amsterdam and Singapore.

Virtual Clarity delivers strategic systems transformations, enabling you to create the right environment for successful business change. Over 60% of our team have held senior executive positions in large enterprises. We have a deep understanding of technology and business implications and what it takes to create sustainable change in an enterprise. 

Your technology today is an intricate, complicated and sometimes fragile combination of the past, present and future. Because we understand that complexity, we know how to simplify your journey. 

The organisations which control enterprise technology today are perfectly designed for a situation that no longer exists. At Virtual Clarity, we change the operating model to better align technology performance to the new demands of the business. Our commitment to delivering a successful outcome to clients is our signature.

A selection of our people...

Steve Peskin

Ever wondered what it would be like to meet a serial entrepreneur? You need to meet Steve in that case.

He is our MD, and inspires our teams worldwide. His mantra is “making complex things simple”, and is obsessed with return on energy and making sure our clients know that we are people who give a damn, and care about your business achievements.

He is proud to be the leader of a collective of change makers and focused thinkers, who think clearly and tell it to you straight.

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Rens Troost

Rens is a guy you need to meet. His vision and ability to translate your needs into reality astounds our clients and teams alike. He is fast, detailed and nimble. To him the next challenge is a joy not a burden.

He’s got a solid background, too. Across more than two decades as a senior IT executive at leading financial services firms, Rens has earned his reputation for bringing together stakeholders, and aligning IT capabilities with business needs.

Rens came to Virtual Clarity from UBS, where as Executive Director he led architecture and design for the company’s global infrastructure organisation, and oversaw initiatives ranging from the introduction of Linux and virtualization to post 9/11 IT business continuity. His first-hand experience as an IT leader in the banking sector means he is in high demand amongst Virtual Clarity’s clients.

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Alan Nance

Alan is an expert defining, creating and implementing the Next Normal in technology management. He has been a thought leader for many years. From the moment he helped to build ITIL, shaped the concept of Transformational Outsourcing to his current innovations around Consumption Based Public Cloud, Digital Platforms enabling Digital Ecosystems, and Precision-Guided Transition Strategies that accelerate the ‘flow to business outcome’ of large transformation programs.

He is a big proponent of multi-disciplinary teams working together to separate the signal from the noise, allowing joined-up thinking throughout an enterprise.

Alan brings together his experience leading change at HP, ING, and Royal Philips, to present a compelling story about the disruption that is right around the corner for both your business and your operating models and what you can do about it.

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Ryan Schoenfeld

Ryan is the guy to get in touch with if you have a thorny business issue to resolve. Based in the USA, his ability to navigate operational, political, and developmental hurdles of high growth companies means he can both engage and empathise with you to win through. The bigger the challenge the happier he is to help you.

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Rahul Mehta

Rahul is the guy who is going to enable you to realise the benefits you are looking to achieve. He leads our delivery team, and enjoys nothing better than seeing our clients fly. His ethos is simple, we deliver your outputs. Simple as that.

By the way he is no slouch, and has been a successful technology entrepreneur for over 15 years, specialising in the latest virtualisation and infrastructure technologies.

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Wendy Woodford

As our people officer, Wendy could well be the first person you actually meet if your interest in us is for career development. Always on the look out for brilliant talent, she needs to be on your radar.

For us our people are key, for her it is 100% of her focus, she is never happier than when we are breaking new people heights.

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Brian Glasser

Brian is the consummate professional in IT within the financial industry. Our CEO in the Americas, he has a wealth of the kind of experience you’re gonna need to support your senior team during your transformation journey.

A New Yorker through and through, his focus areas are cloud technologies and how to re-imagine existing enterprise applications in the cloud.

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Tom Morgan

Tom is one of our guys who has morphed from client to consultant. Holding an excellent mix of perspective which marries his understanding of your needs as a client, with a deep comprehension of the technological implications for you.

Tom will probably be one of the first guys you get to talk to in EMEA. You’ll find that conversation both informative, and very helpful.

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Chris Buckley

Chris is never satisfied with just achieving success, he is constantly looking for the next edge and is always focused on business outcomes, in a commercial context. Having solved perplexing problems within the most complex global environments for nearly two decades.

Since joining us at Virtual Clarity he has developed distributed systems platform strategy, and served as lead architect for global enterprise private cloud.

What you might not expect is that he combined being a part-time racing driver with being the founding co-chair of the Open Data Center Alliance’s infrastructure workgroup (he still races by the way). Chris is guided by a passion for identifying the right problems to solve from a business perspective, feel free to challenge him.

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Ashley Cvrkel

Ashley has a career path that is embedded in software testing, with a twist. Her passion for technology allied with her bright personality quickly brought her out of her cube and into the world of working collaboratively with clients.

Ashley loves to drive client value and adopting creative approaches to problem solving.

She believes a high level of openness, strong communication, and co-creating solutions is the key to success in your transformational journey.

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