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We transform business

Optimised Operating Models - Modern IT Architecture - Data Driven Innovation

Unprecedented agility and capacity to innovate

We transformed the way a retail bank managed its development and testing by introducing a Developer Cloud. This ended the bank’s dependence on long cycles, cut provisioning time from weeks to minutes and changed perceptions of the entire IT function.

  1. Successful implementation of cloud technology
  2. Provision time for a ready-to-use system is reduced from weeks to minutes
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Faster time to market

We helped a healthcare and lighting company integrate cloud-based platforms and (virtual) private cloud solutions in a single common platform. The company can now deliver new products 40% faster, and only pay for the IT it uses.

  1. Improved time to market by approx. 40%
  2. Reduced IT costs by only paying for what is actually used
  3. Enabled End – to – End plug and play business
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Increased productivity

We gave a European retail bank the confidence to replace its ageing desktop infrastructure with a virtual one for all 12,000 staff. It costs less to operate and manage, and gives employees flexibility to work anywhere - driving productivity.

  1. Migrated more than 12,000 employees to Virtual Desktops
  2. Introduced cost savings through more efficient use of compute capacity
  3. Enabled workforce flexibility because Virtual Desktops freed employees from their workstation and fixed location
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Significant savings

We turned another European bank’s flagging data centre consolidation strategy into a tangible success. Virtual Clarity's Clear Migration methodology was applied, emphasising close working practices with application teams, which reduced the overall scheduling complexity and accelerated the migrations.

  1. Migrated hundreds of applications and thousands of supporting servers inside a year
  2. Closed four large and expensive data centres producing considerable cost savings
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