What you get

Unprecedented agility and capacity to innovate

Transformation is not just about technology: it’s about the way your colleagues work and the experience you deliver to your customers. By integrating the infrastructure and software delivery lifecycles, replacing rote tasks with automation and aligning IT service delivery with the business planning cycle, we allow complex enterprises to execute at the speed of start-ups. We free business leaders from long planning cycles, cut lead times from months to hours and massively improve satisfaction with IT performance.

  1. Acceleration of IT service introduction
  2. Better plan interlock between the business and IT
  3. Automated full-lifecycle service introduction; on premise and in the cloud
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Faster time to market

Whether you are focused on improving the speed of infrastructure and access provisioning, the effectiveness of your continuous software delivery capabilities, or the time to onboard new customers Virtual Clarity can quickly accelerate your IT delivery. We have proven time and again in both medium-size and large enterprises that we can cut complexity, speed up delivery and eliminate waste and delay through automation and process realignment. Typical outcomes include:

  1. Improve time to launch services by anywhere between 30 and 70 %
  2. Accelerate change throughput by up to 20x
  3. Enable a shift from traumatic weekend releases to multiple releases in a day
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Increased productivity

Replacing out-of-date employee productivity and workplace systems in headquarters and the branches unlocks significant value across every business process. Modern multichannel platforms for mobile, desktop and productivity cost less to operate and manage, give employees flexibility to work anywhere – and their light footprint greatly lightens the load of mergers and dispositions. Typical outcomes include:

  1. Large-scale (tens of thousands) migration of employees to modern desktops
  2. Elimination of costly on-premise infrastructure and legacy processes
  3. Better workforce flexibility to support modern workplaces and secure integration of partner/supplier staff
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Significant savings

Replacing outmoded on-premise infrastructure, whether virtualized or legacy, promises savings from capital expense reduction, automation and disposition of large capital items like data centers and networks. But unless done with a 360degree view of the business case and a relentless focus on completion, introduction of cloud services and modern SDLC processes can increase costs and complexity. That’s where Virtual Clarity comes in: we give you the perspective and help you drive to realize the benefits. Typical outcomes include:

  1. Economic Value Management to keep the largest change programs on track and ahead of their promised benefits
  2. Harvest the benefits from automation and service improvement across the enterprise
  3. Rapidly migrate off expensive services and assets and free up capital and operating expenses to reinvest in your business
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Modern Platform for Enterprise Technology

Other partners bury you in PowerPoint; we bring together public and hybrid infrastructure blueprints with a clear definition of the desired operating models, information security and controls to give even the most established and regulated enterprise the pace and quality of a start-up. Typical outcomes include:

  1. A modern ‘immutable infrastructure’ platform that future-proofs your new development and legacy modernization initiatives
  2. Pragmatic operating model changes that deliver the promise of stalled ‘agile’ initiatives and give frustrated developers a springboard to high productivity
  3. Controls, automation and security by design which replaces check-list approaches with real information security improvements
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Your business, in the cloud

In a complex enterprise, adopting cloud can be hard and feels risky. When the rules change for IT, they change for the entire business! Our people know how to lead successful IT change, because they've been in your shoes, have done it before and are focused on your success, not selling you a product. We know the challenges you face because we have lived them (check out some of our people). We are here to help you:

  1. Measure the size of the cloud opportunity and the best way to achieve it
  2. Build a robust business case for cloud adoption: public, private or hybrid
  3. Deliver pragmatic and actionable assessments, recommendations and plans
  4. Keep you safe, secure and compliant with robust yet nimble control frameworks
  5. Get you there quickly with the minimum risk – delivering value early whilst maintaining momentum and transparency
  6. Ensure that the end result is sustainable through operating model change underpinned by extensive automation
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