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Data Management – The Challenges

Does your company suffer the challenges from data silos? Dessa Glasser, Principal with the Financial Risk Group, who assists Virtual Clarity on data solutions as an Associate, discusses the challenges of data management in our second post for our blog series.

Proud Sponsor's of Amsterdam 7s

Since 1972, teams from around Europe have come together in the Netherlands for one of the oldest rugby tournaments in the world: the Amsterdam 7s. In its forty-fifth year, the tournament took place from June 8-10th for an explosive three days of co-ed competition, between amateurs and professionals alike. Virtual Clarity is proud to have been the title sponsor for the event, helping to support youth through sport.

Does the Rise of Nationalism mean the End of Cloud?

Nobody could have missed the most significant political trend worldwide in recent years since the Brexit vote in UK. Donald Trump was elected President of the US on a protectionist mandate. Catalonia held a referendum vote on independence that the Spanish courts ruled illegal. France and Denmark have had national elections with prominent nationalist parties bringing in record levels of popular vote. The elections in Germany and Italy have been submerged in wrangling to deal with the consequences of the popular vote and the concerns of the establishment. Finally, in June, Italy agreed a government between La Lega – a nationalist party looking for partition of Italy into a federal state and more autonomous regions - and the populist, EU sceptical Five Star Movement. What does this all mean?

How Not To Fail With IT Transformations

I’ve recently read an article by Forrester titled, The Sorry State of Digital Transformation in 2018, and apart from the click-bait title, it really resonated with me. Digital and indeed, IT Transformation appears to be the buzzwords of this last decade. It’s great, and perhaps not at all surprising, to see that Forrester has identified a significant problem with the state of ‘IT transformation’. But what to do about it?

Data is Big, Did You Know?

Data is big. Big news. Big importance.

How big, you ask? Consider that all the information we have as the human race has been growing since the beginning of time. At the same time, we are enacting more processes every day that add to this growing data, whether on a company or personal level; local or global; text or numerical; in native language or foreign and now digital format, with pictures or video.

GDPR Arrived... And The Roof Didn’t Fall In … So What Next?

On 25th May, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation became effective. The regulation is intended to raise the bar with respect to protecting citizens’ personal data. In my previous post, I shared my thoughts on why I thought this new regulation came to be, and indeed, since writing that, the revelations have occurred about the use of personal data in election manipulation with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. The issue is that the threats in this space are ever increasing, so GDPR is part of a constant refresh to keep ahead of those threats; and it comes with a nasty stick in the form of hefty fines and compensation.

The Cruelty of GDPR

There is a joke circulating on the Internet, based on the classic song, “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”. The joke goes, “He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice; he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice, Santa Claus is in contravention of Article 4 of General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.”

Leaning Out to Lean In. Make way for the new Diversity Paradigm - Digital Nomads in Style Offices.

Carly, Meg, Indra, and Marissa have all been focal points for the diversity discussion recently. Top leaders of top companies, some of whom I have been lucky enough to work with and all of whom have inspired me; yet everything they say or do is viewed through a second screen - “role model female.”

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