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Data as a Service (DaaS) - Described

Data as a Service (DaaS) can be used to provide a single source of authoritative (or golden) data for use in a firm’s critical applications. Here, a logical layer of the data (often in-memory for quick access) can serve up data that has been verified, defined, and described with metadata from source systems. This provides data that is readily understood and has unique and unambiguous meaning with the context in which these data is known and used.

Will there come Anti-Cyberattack services?

When I was involved in my first enterprise PC roll out 25 years ago, I was always impressed by antivirus software. Here was a central counterintelligence source of attack profiles and signatures with a defence against them. It was so much cleverer than the solitaire game we all played on the PC - teaching users mouse skills, we argued.

Understanding Containers and How Your Business Can Benefit

Those of us in the IT world have been hearing about the notion of ‘containers’ popping up a lot lately. Whilst containers as a concept has been around for many years, the current surge of adoption has largely been driven by the existence of Docker (a way of containerising and running containerised software) and, more recently Kubernetes (a way of managing containers at scale). Global enterprises, as well as start-ups have started adopting containers to speed up their Business As Usual processes. We’ve had a lot of client interest in integrating containers, so you may be wondering why are they resurfacing now, what exactly are they and are they beneficial to your business?

Let’s take a closer look.

Data Management – The Challenges

Does your company suffer the challenges from data silos? Dessa Glasser, Principal with the Financial Risk Group, who assists Virtual Clarity on data solutions as an Associate, discusses the challenges of data management in our second post for our blog series.

Proud Sponsor's of Amsterdam 7s

Since 1972, teams from around Europe have come together in the Netherlands for one of the oldest rugby tournaments in the world: the Amsterdam 7s. In its forty-fifth year, the tournament took place from June 8-10th for an explosive three days of co-ed competition, between amateurs and professionals alike. Virtual Clarity is proud to have been the title sponsor for the event, helping to support youth through sport.

Does the Rise of Nationalism mean the End of Cloud?

Nobody could have missed the most significant political trend worldwide in recent years since the Brexit vote in UK. Donald Trump was elected President of the US on a protectionist mandate. Catalonia held a referendum vote on independence that the Spanish courts ruled illegal. France and Denmark have had national elections with prominent nationalist parties bringing in record levels of popular vote. The elections in Germany and Italy have been submerged in wrangling to deal with the consequences of the popular vote and the concerns of the establishment. Finally, in June, Italy agreed a government between La Lega – a nationalist party looking for partition of Italy into a federal state and more autonomous regions - and the populist, EU sceptical Five Star Movement. What does this all mean?

How Not To Fail With IT Transformations

I’ve recently read an article by Forrester titled, The Sorry State of Digital Transformation in 2018, and apart from the click-bait title, it really resonated with me. Digital and indeed, IT Transformation appears to be the buzzwords of this last decade. It’s great, and perhaps not at all surprising, to see that Forrester has identified a significant problem with the state of ‘IT transformation’. But what to do about it?

Data is Big, Did You Know?

Data is big. Big news. Big importance.

How big, you ask? Consider that all the information we have as the human race has been growing since the beginning of time. At the same time, we are enacting more processes every day that add to this growing data, whether on a company or personal level; local or global; text or numerical; in native language or foreign and now digital format, with pictures or video.