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Virtual Clarity awarded AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Status

We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting status with a specialism in DevOps and financial services through the AWS Partner Network (APN). This accreditation recognises professional services firms who provide support in the designing, architect, building, migrating and managing of client solutions built on the cloud provider platform.

Data as a Service (DaaS) Data Sources – Internal or External?

​As mentioned previously, Data as a Service (DaaS) can be used to provide a single source of authoritative (or golden) data for use in a firm’s critical applications, particularly when data is needed from multiple sources or it is ‘siloed’ in the organization.

The Impending Irrelevance of Service Management - Enterprise Technology and the New Quest for Value

Large-scale investment in traditional service management is now unwise. This is because technology service management, is no longer a standalone constraint to creating business value. Executives should instead focus on building a flow framework as part of an operating model that connects business product development to technology portfolio management, Agile programs, DevOps, and cloud-based consumption. This change will also result in moving the organizational focus from running development projects to managing a lifecycle of business products. Selective investment in critical capabilities that stimulate the flow of work is still required but not in the same order of magnitude.

Should you give software containers a wide berth, or jump aboard the Docker?

When the first shipping container was patented in 1956 by Malcolm McLean , his intention was straightforward cost saving. He did indeed reduce the cost of loading cargo from $5.86 per ton to $0.16. But, more than this, his shipping containers became an international standard, allowing goods to be transported and warehoused across the globe – and bringing the most radical change to manufacturing since the Industrial Revolution.

Data as a Service (DaaS) - Described

Data as a Service (DaaS) can be used to provide a single source of authoritative (or golden) data for use in a firm’s critical applications. Here, a logical layer of the data (often in-memory for quick access) can serve up data that has been verified, defined, and described with metadata from source systems. This provides data that is readily understood and has unique and unambiguous meaning with the context in which these data is known and used.

Will there come Anti-Cyberattack services?

When I was involved in my first enterprise PC roll out 25 years ago, I was always impressed by antivirus software. Here was a central counterintelligence source of attack profiles and signatures with a defence against them. It was so much cleverer than the solitaire game we all played on the PC - teaching users mouse skills, we argued.