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Financial services firms must “trade up” on their it—or risk customer relationships

These days the customer experience is perhaps the single most important element of success in business. So when the same technology that is supposed to propel the business forward creates a rift between a company and its customers, you’ve got a serious problem.

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The Importance of Considering Your Technical Style as you Select Cloud Providers

Public discourse on “the cloud” may give the impression that it is some kind of ethereal vapour penetrating the far reaches of cyberspace. In, reality though, it is much less exotic. Virtual Clarity's Executive Vice President of Digital Transformation and Invisible Infrastructure, Alan Nance explains in his article.

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Dell against the Market. A $67 Billion Stroke of Genius or Back to The Future Smack Down?

One thing that is becoming ever more apparent is that the expansion of the connected world is making internal scale increasingly meaningless. For 120 years, scale and its economies have been the friend of large enterprise. That trend peaked two decades ago and now we are solidly in a world of scale inversion. In other words the economies of scale are moving from enterprise controlled market structures to ecosystems of externally connected consumers.

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Cloud and virtualisation are just tools - ITaaS means “Business”

To deliver agility and savings in the cloud, you need the right operating model, and that’s IT-as-a-Service; an often misunderstood concept. After all, PaaS, DBaaS, and SaaS all describe services delivered through the cloud. ITaaS is much more than that. Steve Peskin, Managing Director of Virtual Clarity examines why in the rest of his article.

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Driving IT change that delivers results at every stage

How to drive IT change that delivers measurable ROI at every stage of implementation through IT-as-a-service. When companies consider the opportunities afforded by new technologies of the Web era, it’s not hard to envision major changes to the organization that will transform IT and the way businesses use it. Rens Troost explains in his article.

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You built a cloud and now they want containers, too?

You built a private cloud at great expense and, despite the initial cost, real savings are being made. And even though you thought the cloud was just what your development teams wanted, they are now clamouring for containers. Why?

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