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Five ways to be more secure in your IT systems

Companies have always been wary of hackers – security has long been a high priority for CIOs – but recent major cyber attacks, such as WannaCrypt and Petya, have demonstrated how vulnerable some systems are. The release into the wild of zero-day exploits has led to a nuclear war when it comes to cyber crime – the stakes are so much higher now.

Will we ever have a 100% secure IT environment? No. But we can, and must, do better.

The recent cyberattack on Westminster should be a wake-up call to anyone operating mission-critical IT systems. It’s not surprising that Parliament relies on electronic communications. Nor is it surprising that sophisticated, state-sponsored hackers might want to target our MPs. Nor, even, that some MPs are bad at choosing secure passwords! The same could be said of any significant public or private organisation today.

Hybrid Cloud: Standardise Everything

Quite often when we talk with clients about how they view Cloud and the type of shift they want to make in their approach to IT, the conversation turns to hybrid cloud.

For many of our clients, this is initially seen as a platform, consisting of both on-prem and public cloud capacity, that has a single overarching orchestration layer to deliver a consistent technical interface to those different types of capacity. i.e. the creation of a hybrid cloud is essentially a technology engineering and deployment challenge that needs to focus on standardising interfaces across providers.

New York’s Cybersecurity Regulations

This month (March 2017), the New York State Department of Financial Services introduced new cybersecurity requirements applying to financial services companies operating within the State of New York.

Will the OnDeck Capital and JP Morgan Chase agreement result in a FinTech Breakthrough?

What does it mean when a tier one bank, JPMC inserts OnDeck Capital's (ONDK) online lending service into its business lending supply-chain? Is this the breakthrough that signals the triumph of new “FinTech” lending models over old?

The answer isn't simple - as it's both Yes and No. It is a milestone that heralds a new change in supply-chain models but, no it is not a sign that FinTech business models are superior. So what is it? It’s a marker that large enterprises are finally finding a new way of working in a cloud enabled world.

The Enterprise Requires Demand-Focused IT

IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) is inevitable, yet today most enterprise IT departments either still haven’t made a goal of transitioning to this operational model or have only just begun with individual point purchases.

Executive Viewpoint 2016 Prediction: Virtual Clarity - Cut Technology Spending in 2016, Cut Your Organization Off at the Knees

You know that your business—and that of just about every private and public entity, for that matter— depends on substantial investment in various emerging disruptive consumer and enterprise technologies. Technology is now weaved so deeply into business models and overall company strategies that cutting back technology spending should be a nonstarter.

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