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Multi-VPC Design Considerations

I recently looked into creating a new VPC design and was thinking of how I should separate the workloads. Do I put everything in a single VPC with lots of subnets? Do I create separate VPC environments? What happens if there are lots of environments? I asked Amazon “What is the maximum limit on the number of VPCs per region?”. They came back with 1,000, and this is their recommended limit and not a hard limit. 4 years ago, back in 2013 this limit was 100, and if you required more, Amazon recommended that you create another AWS account.

Reducing your Amazon AWS bill with Consolidated Billing

Migrating to an off-prem Cloud provider makes a lot of sense because you can move away from fixed cost to a variable cost model that scales up and down according to your demand, but we find that unless managed carefully, costs can get out of control and can be higher than they need to be.

From Fusion17 to Fission18? – Service Management’s Struggle For Significance

In 2010, the sun rose on a new age of cooperation between two leaders in service management, HDI, and itSMF USA. Their love child, FUSION brought together the “best of the best” — speakers, vendors, networking and social activities— the most respected minds in service management to help customers plan and achieve service excellence.

Mastering the Command Center

At Virtual Clarity, we help customers with their most complex and largest migrations projects. Over the last decade, we have built and honed a comprehensive methodology that we use to tackle the toughest migration projects.

Come with us on a journey: From legacy to the cloud

We had the opportunity to sit down with Vibe Tech Radio last week and discuss what Virtual Clarity is all about. Our very own Carl Freeman brought to life our approach to cloud systems and migration for international firms, not just US-based, but to those in the UK, Europe and Asia as well. It was a great opportunity to show our passion and commitment. Below is a snippet of some key things discussed during the interview.

Virtual Clarity in Conversation

At Virtual Clarity, we are passionate about telling our story and bringing our culture to new audiences. Which is why we’re so excited to let you know that Carl Freeman, Strategic Client Engagement Director for the US, was invited onto Tech Vibe Radio recently to tell their listeners what Virtual Clarity does and why we’re setting up a home in Pittsburgh – an exciting new venture for us which marks the next stage for the future of Virtual Clarity.

Bringing development back in enterprise IT

Books could be written about the inglorious history of IT management tooling. Element managers, frameworks, single panes of glass and latterly, ITOA have all promised to help IT grapple with the increasing complexity of infrastructure and applications.