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Formerly a BBC Broadcast Journalist and Senior International News Reporter in the media and technology field, Anna Dobbie has a Masters in Science from the University of Cambridge. She is passionate about writing articles and creating video content that informs, educates and entertains.

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We give a damn

This year’s International Women’s Day (8th March) has the campaign slogan #EachforEqual.

At Virtual Clarity (VC), we also believe there is a need to “galvanize continuous collective action” and that equality is “not a women's issue, it's a business issue”. We are passionate about living our values and think that they should be deeply ingrained into everything we do every single day that we do it.

We asked members of the VC Tribe how we live up to our company values, with a focus on how we “give a damn”.

Supporting each other

According to People and Culture Lead Wendy Woodford, VC embodies the “Each for Equal” moto by supporting the tribe member’s individual needs and recognizing that these needs vary from time to time.

“As a new mum, VC has given me a lot of flexibility with how I plan my time,” she says. Woodford has also recently been promoted to a senior role within VC’s core team, allowing her to progress her career in a convenient way around her new familial responsibilities.

Equal is Each

“Equal is Each!” quips Senior Strategic Account Manager Ashley Cvrkel on the year’s theme of inclusion. “A company, a community, a tribe betters itself when it’s inclusive of different backgrounds, ideas, cultures, ethnicities, and genders.”

Cvrkel believes that, regarding equality, VC is “on the road, but the journey still lays ahead of us”.

“I appreciate that VC recognizes we can do more and is working to become more diverse day by day”, she adds. “Working to solve a problem is the best way to give a damn.”

As an example of how VC resolved such a problem, Engagement Manager Daryle Abrahams recounts when a member of the tribe suffered a harrowing event in their private life. “The team immediately jumped in to support and our leader was almost instantly involved to ensure the individual felt that we were behind them,” says Abrahams

“It’s easy to say ‘we give a damn’ about customers, as we are here to serve them. However, applying this equally to our tribe is where we truly live our values.”

On the road to equality

As we celebrate the contribution women make in the workforce, it is important to reflect on how far we have yet to go.

“As of writing this, only 3% of female A-level students look to technology as their top career choice, and women hold only 25% of tech roles, with representation even worse for BAME women,” says Chief Technology Officer Rens Troost.

“This disparity starts with the lack of positive messaging and role modeling, then carries on, through higher education into the workforce,” Troost adds. “When we don’t push for fair and equal representation of women in the tech workforce, we are short-changing ourselves and our communities.”

However, women are outnumbered by men, not only in the IT field, but in every arena where women must speak and lead. Considering how greatly the content and media we consume shapes our cultural fabric, VC have decided that our forthcoming internal meeting for all employees will be entirely presented by females. We believe that when more content is created by women, for women and about women, it raises awareness of the modern challenges faced by the female workforce and allows women to feel a sense of community.

“It is down to each of us to change this, concludes Troost, “socially, institutionally and personally.“

You revel in difference

Content and Communications Manager Tony Price feels that having diverse teams with different gender, cultural and experience backgrounds is critical when creating high performing teams.

“When you get the mix right, teams can do amazing things and work can really be so enjoyable,” Price adds. “Sadly, in earlier parts of my career, I worked in environments where the so-called values were really no more than Marketing.

“Now working for a company who truly talks the talk and walks the walk is both unusual and refreshing. That’s why I am proud to not only say, but actually do, give a damn!”

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