Chris Buckley

Chris is never satisfied with just achieving success, he is constantly looking for the next edge and is always focused on business outcomes, in a commercial context. Having solved perplexing problems within the most complex global environments for nearly two decades.

Since joining us at Virtual Clarity he has developed distributed systems platform strategy, and served as lead architect for global enterprise private cloud.

What you might not expect is that he combined being a part-time racing driver with being the founding co-chair of the Open Data Center Alliance’s infrastructure workgroup (he still races by the way). Chris is guided by a passion for identifying the right problems to solve from a business perspective, feel free to challenge him.

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Consumer Banking Transformation

Innovating with Virtual Clarity and Amazon Web Services (AWS)


When you’re a 150-year-old Wall Street institution, branching out into a whole new area of financial services means radically re-examining the way your infrastructure and applications work together, but making those changes can transform the way you interact with customers, the perception of your brand and even the way you fund your business. That has been the case for one customer that Virtual Clarity has helped to build and launch a new consumer financial product on AWS.


Virtual Clarity has been instrumental to opening up a new market of 102 million affluent mobile phone users by rapidly enabling an established financial institution to use AWS infrastructure effectively.

A case study

Traditional infrastructure and legacy applications can be a drag on innovation, but by using AWS, banks can enjoy the same agility and flexibility as fintech start-ups while leveraging the value of their brands, customer relationships and data. However, making the transformation to public cloud and cloud native development can be daunting. Virtual Clarity helps its customers reduce time to value when using AWS to build new products.

Virtual Clarity built its reputation in financial services technology and has been consistently at the forefront of banking innovation since its inception. Today, Virtual Clarity is working at the heart of financial institutions’ disruption of the consumer banking industry using AWS.

Our customer

After successfully launching a retail banking business in 2016, our customer decided to build a new platform for consumer payments. It knew that it needed to be able to build and iterate rapidly to create a product that would delight customers and radically disrupt the market for consumer finance, while simultaneously delivering a step change reduction in costs. It was clear that the answer was to use AWS, but it also recognized that making the move to public cloud is not a trivial undertaking and that it needed effective governance and control while creating an efficient architecture that would meet its cost goals. Virtual Clarity offered the depth of expertize in financial services, AWS and public cloud infrastructure necessary to accelerate its transformation. Virtual Clarity was invited to join the transformation as a partner in the creation of architecture, infrastructure as code, governance, controls and platform operation.

To meet those needs, Virtual Clarity:

  • Created a core AWS architecture capable of offering flexibility, high-performance, resilience and recoverability, and high security
  • Created and implemented a control framework capable of satisfying internal risk management as well as external auditors
  • Ensured close interaction between security, application and platform developers
  • Designed and implemented an operating model capable of running the platform efficiently, effectively and securely

By working with Virtual Clarity, our customer has been able to launch an industry changing product and has built a modern platform for enterprise technology on which they will build more innovative products and continue to disrupt the market for consumer finance services.

For more information on how Virtual Clarity can help your business build and launch a new consumer financial product on AWS, please email