Daniel Breston

Daniel Breston

#TechEthicist on great practices in the Cloud

Being relevant in the age of fast changing technology

The age of technology is fully upon us and organisations have the choice to embrace the opportunities being provided or go out of business.

The original article is posted here by Service Manager Magazine in the Showguide Supplement.

From the C-Suite down,:
• Language
• Culture
• Vision
• Succinct metrics that matter, and
• Ruthless focus on the consumer
are the new ways to remain relevant. This will require coaching of your staff to adopt and change to this new way of working.

A few of the key concepts we enjoyed talking with delegates at SITS about are:

Shift Left of Bang or die

It is embarrassing that IT is still so immature that we need an industry to deal with the fact that we constantly fail: incident management. Prevention is better than a cure! If we focus on left of bang, (preventative and early warnings so the bang does not happen, service quality improves and customer satisfaction improves), then internal technology services remain relevant. You must be ruthless in testing quality and ensuring your teams are ready to improve at every opportunity based on real-time customer feedback.

The only focus is on Value

IT has been too focused on IT as if it were the business rather than a supporting element of the business. How IT drives business outcomes and value is key, coupled with the overall experience perceived by all consumers of an organization's IT services. If your KPIs are not measuring value, then they need to be replaced.

If you think the Cloud Service Providers (CSP) are not a threat to you – you need to think again

CSPs cost less than you. CSPs have higher availability than you. CSPs can enable continuity faster than you. CSPs can enable the changes required to be digital better than you. So you, ie your internal IT, needs to wake up and consider how you are going to do things better, faster and safer for your organizations, which is most likely going to entail new alliances and relations with a host of vendors or even *gulp* using open-source. Go for it IT!

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