Alan Nance

Alan Nance

Alan is an expert defining, creating and implementing the Next Normal in technology management. He has been a thought leader for many years. From the moment he helped to build ITIL, shaped the concept of Transformational Outsourcing to his current innovations around Consumption Based Public Cloud, Digital Platforms enabling Digital Ecosystems, and Precision-Guided Transition Strategies that accelerate the ‘flow to business outcome’ of large transformation programs.

He is a big proponent of multi-disciplinary teams working together to separate the signal from the noise, allowing joined-up thinking throughout an enterprise.

Alan brings together his experience leading change at HP, ING, and Royal Philips, to present a compelling story about the disruption that is right around the corner for both your business and your operating models and what you can do about it.

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Should the board press pause on public cloud after Intel’s Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities?

Over the past few days, there have been grumbles about the viability of the public cloud because of recently discovered issues with the hardware that Intel provides to all suppliers of all technology systems. Some commentators, like the respected Russel Brown of Verge, are calling out that this “CPU catastrophe will hit hardest in the cloud.”

What might that mean for the board’s strategic investment decisions on the cloud? 

To read our suggested five thoughts to help you process what has happened, please read our latest article posted on CIO digital magazine.

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