Robert Grey

Robert Grey

Rob runs Virtual Clarity’s ClearTransformation practice, combining the latest industry methods with VC’s proven experts to deliver operating model transformation.

Prior to VC, Rob served as a Technology Managing Director with Bank of America Merrill Lynch and as a Director with UBS / UBS O’Connor for 20 years combined.

He has extensive complex project, programme and operational experience and has served as a senior global leader in a number of disciplines. He has wide ranging experience with technology vendor engagements and the regulators.

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Running another transformation program? Why?

I suspect you are (yet again) in the midst of a large transformation program. And you were last year. And the year before. And …. you get the picture.

Enterprise IT loves transformation programs. Grandiose visions, cultural statements, budget scraped from other areas of the company that really need the resources, multi-year board commitments, orientation training workshops, press announcements, complex steering committees and complex KPIs and metrics, especially around ROI.

In most cases, these programs fail or deliver only a fraction of their cost back in benefits.


  • They don’t address the real challenges, leading to the bulk of the efforts being spent trying to resolve symptoms rather than causes. We have a different approach – take a look at this excellent article from Tony Price on ‘Left of Bang’ on getting ourselves out of this ‘already broken’ thinking.
  • The scope of the program is too wide from the start, leading to dilution of the efforts expended.
  • There is a lack of understanding about how the transformation will affect the firm’s operations and drive value.
  • The vision is unrealistic and incomprehensible to the very people that have to execute the transformation. The employee engagement wanes quickly when the results don’t match the hype.

We work with a lot of the biggest firms and they’re trying to harness the latest technological trends like Agile, DevOps, AI, DevSecOps and automation to stay on-trend and ahead of the curve. Applying these techniques and approaches without identifying the underlying challenge isn’t a recipe for success and just because you are ahead of the IT curve does not always translate into business success!

Our goal is to be able to help companies remove the transformation phase and instil a culture of continual change and value linked to specific challenges.

Virtual Clarity has created an innovative approach to break the continuous disappointment that these programs deliver –ClearTransformation. Our ClearTransformation approach is simple - to create loops, not lines, to tailor the approach to your company and your challenges, to create value in weeks, rather than months or quarters, to continually realise value in every loop and to use the latest techniques where they make sense.

OBSERVE - Listening to you first, rather than trying to impose standard approaches that have been proven to fail more than succeed.

ORIENT – Align rapidly to apply modern principles, industry patterns and cultural changes.

DECIDE – Choosing the minimum valuable deliverable to get from plan to the users as quickly as possible. To create an actionable plan, rather than a mass of white papers and aspirational committees.

ACT – Executing the plan on time and gathering feedback.

Does this sound like the innovative and agile approaches you have been trying to implement?