A decade of Virtual Clarity – the tribe celebrates Tin

We’re having a party at VC headquarters because this week is our ten-year anniversary!

It’s traditional to celebrate a decade with tin, so we’re raising our cans in London, New York and Pittsburgh to all the clients whose businesses we have successfully transformed since 2008.

“Ten years ago, Virtual Clarity seemed a pretty good idea,” said chief technology officer Rens Troost. “Enterprise IT looked to be over, so let’s make it a better place to work, and restore business relevance.

“With ten years of the hard times and the good under our wheels, we now know that it was a great idea, an idea whose time has come and an idea whose time looks set to keep coming for the foreseeable future! What we had no way to foresee is what an amazing team it would attract, and how great the execution would be. I am immensely proud!”

Technology today is an intricate, complicated and sometimes fragile combination of the past, present and future – because we understand that complexity, we know how to simplify your journey. At Virtual Clarity, we change the operating model to better align technology performance to the new demands of the business. Our commitment to delivering a successful outcome to clients is our signature. Find out more here.