What we do

With our Precision Guided Transformation, we make highly priced existing business models more affordable, agile and scalable.

Each journey contributes to improved cost and income ratio, generating cash flow and enabling new platforms for growth. The cumulative result is a set of business outcomes that provide outstanding financial results exceeding expectations

Our approach is simple:

  • Use data to design precise journeys to business outcomes
  • Place the emphasis on a steady flow to outcomes
  • Execute these journeys in 30-60-90 day step change performance increments

We transform your business by equipping you for success

We deliver results with a portfolio of tools, techniques and services specifically assembled to support fast, effective transformation. At Virtual Clarity, we guide and support you throughout your journey to the cloud and effective digital services.

Lightbulb And Buildings

We know that the days of sitting on huge, self-owned technology assets are done. But we recognise that you shouldn't waste what you've already got in the race to virtualisation.

So we do four things that enable your next technology evolution.

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We transform technology

Our team will equip you for your success with our solutions below:

  • With our agile approach, we will help you save money and run your I.T. for a successful business.
  • Build a clear business case for change with our ClearFoundation
  • Provide knowledge through our ClearInsight capabilities; blending experience and data science.
  • Develop a new target operating model with ClearTransformation
  • Guide and drive transformation with our proven ClearMigration methodology.

Join the growing number of companies moving to invisible infrastructure with Virtual Clarity.

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Your business, in the cloud

In a complex enterprise, adopting cloud can be hard and feels risky. We are here to help:

  • Measure the size of the cloud opportunity and the best way to achieve it
  • Build a robust business case for cloud adoption: public, private or hybrid
  • Deliver pragmatic and actionable assessments, recommendations and plans
  • Keep you safe, secure and compliant with robust yet nimble control frameworks
  • Get you there quickly with the minimum risk – delivering value early while maintaining momentum and transparency
  • Ensure that the end result is sustainable through operating model change underpinned by extensive automation

We are laser focused on your success and work hand in hand with all the major hyperscale cloud providers.
That's why we are trusted by the world's biggest and most complex enterprises.


Disrupt. Innovate. Compete. Win.

When the rules change for infrastructure, they change for the entire business too.

A fully meshed, invisible infrastructure represents a new type of business: a business in which IT services can be commissioned or decommissioned at will.

Our people know how to lead major infrastructure change, because they've been in your shoes and have done it before. We know the challenges you face.

We started Virtual Clarity because we know from experience that the in-house model doesn't work anymore. All those staff working just to keep the lights on, when they could and should put their energy into doing amazing things for your customers and your business.

It's time to join the growing number of companies moving to invisible infrastructure.

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