What we do

We accelerate IT modernization for large-scale enterprise clients, helping them to understand and simplify the challenges of implementing change in highly complex and regulated environments.

We use a combination of unique techniques and tools - which we call Precision Guided Modernization - honed over years delivering change in the biggest, most challenging mission-critical environments, to unlock the value of new technologies and new ways of working.

We are obsessive about delivering demonstrable value.
In weeks and months, not years.

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New world, new opportunities

As part of DXC Technology, we are providing unique strategic advisory and change management services to help DXC’s customers with their digital transformation journey and improve business outcomes, as well as working directly with clients.

The combination of our experience in the transformation of enterprise IT with DXC’s capabilities in cloud, platforms and application modernization creates an immensely compelling opportunity for partners to unlock new value and competitive agility across the enterprise.

We are evolving new solutions, focused on meeting business objectives, not just IT, enabling DXC to develop holistic proposals aligned to clients’ strategic priorities.

DXC is using our unique advisory capabilities, tools, and techniques to assess the ITO estates of its largest customers. This brings new insight on the impact of modernization, clarifying which assets it makes financial sense to move to Cloud or be modernized and exploring how other companies address the same challenges.

The result is a new portfolio of modernization offerings, enabling client applications and workloads to be cost-effectively adapted to take advantage of the most appropriate platform, reducing long-term running costs. This accelerates time to value, helping bridge the financial viability/ business aspirations gap for digital transformation and public cloud adoption.

Problems we solve


Our services

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Advisory delivers independent IT advice and recommendations to help customers achieve their strategic objectives while providing customer value, leading to long-term trusted relationships.

It achieves this by:

  • listening to customers and developing a deep understanding of their challenges, utilizing an experienced, credible team that brings real-life industry experience backed by proven methodologies and tools
  • supporting DXC customer account teams who need tailored strategic guidance with actionable recommendations to enable transformational change and problem analysis
  • focusing on short-timeframe sprints, allowing our partners to see actionable insights to align and accelerate their strategies
  • building MVP together quickly with industry-leading security, tooling, and integration capabilities
  • understanding that modern operations work alongside traditional models, giving significant experience in reliability and security issues by leveraging decades of operational experience
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Insight gives IT leaders the business intelligence they need to make strategic and tactical decisions to modernize their estates, as well as individual applications.

It achieves this by:

  • enabling rapid, holistic assessment of whole IT portfolios against multiple scenarios for future state platforms and modernization treatments
  • using data engineering to create the information required for effective assessment, enabling rapid discovery of IT estates
  • considering the viability, compliance requirements, risk needs, and suitability of individual applications for platforms and treatments
  • creating granular costings applications in their future state
  • enabling the creation of a holistic, comprehensive strategic assessment of IT portfolios when combined with the ability to rapidly capture and model current state IT costs
  • allowing IT leaders to make decisions about future state platforms and enterprise architecture rules more rapidly, with greater confidence
  • allowing modernization programs to progress more rapidly, with lower risk and cost by providing clear, costed recommendations for each individual application
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Acceleration is the realization of a modernization strategy enabling organizations to accomplish genuine transformation.

It achieves this by:

  • executing complex change management, leveraging a proprietary mix of technology, technique, and talent
  • creating business and asset-centric models promoting repeatability, thus speeding the modernization journey
  • offering real-time, governance, control, and co-ordination frameworks across all assets
  • help solve burning platform challenges with modern platform enablers, delivering a technical and operational environment ideally suited to the needs of agile application-delivery methodologies
  • giving IT leaders confidence that their modernization journeys will be completed on-time, on budget, within scope, leading to true enterprise IT transformation
  • providing security that is baked in throughout, not bolted on later, as well as an operational model that prefers work elimination over automation, and automation over “hands-on”

What you get

A new type of partner who…


...delivers independent IT advice and recommendations to help customers achieve their strategic objectives while providing customer value


...gives IT leaders the business intelligence they need to make strategic and tactical decisions to modernize

Going Up

...realizes the modernization strategy enabling organizations to accomplish genuine transformation