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Cloud and virtualisation are just tools - ITaaS means “Business”

To deliver agility and savings in the cloud, you need the right operating model, and that’s IT-as-a-Service; an often misunderstood concept. After all, PaaS, DBaaS, and SaaS all describe services delivered through the cloud. ITaaS is much more than that. Steve Peskin, Managing Director of Virtual Clarity examines why in the rest of his article.

Today's As-a-Service Contracts = Lipstick on the IT Infrastructure Pig

Optimism abounds when it comes to cloud technologies. It seems like everywhere you look there’s a new study trumpeting how cloud is poised for rapid growth as customers clamor for reduced costs, scalability and flexibility.

The first rule of running any business is “understand your customer”… so what’s up with IT?

Understand thy customer! It’s not just a business rule, it’s a commandment. From the very first fruit stand to the most sophisticated tech company, the customer relationship has been, and always shall be, the single greatest success factor. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably busy writing their own business obituary. Which brings us to an important point. What’s up with IT?

Financial services firms must “trade up” on their it—or risk customer relationships

These days the customer experience is perhaps the single most important element of success in business. So when the same technology that is supposed to propel the business forward creates a rift between a company and its customers, you’ve got a serious problem.