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Tread Carefully in the Payments War Zone

Libra is Facebook’s attempt to make payments “as simple as sending a message”, as it said at the launch back in June 2019.

Only in winter do we know that Evergreens exist

Has winter arrived at your company? And has the desktop remained evergreen?

Good AI depends on old-fashioned wisdom

Recently, the Financial Times highlighted the uncomfortable discovery that 40% or so of European AI start-ups were not using AI.

You’ve Got Google MAIL (Machine Learning around Artificial Intelligence)

Recently, Google Cloud sent out their research on Machine Learning. Indeed, we received it by e-mail.

Keeping your data private in five simple steps

Happy Data Privacy Day - May you be content in the knowledge that all your personal data is safe!

Should you give software containers a wide berth, or jump aboard the Docker?

When the first shipping container was patented in 1956 by Malcolm McLean , his intention was straightforward cost saving. He did indeed reduce the cost of loading cargo from $5.86 per ton to $0.16. But, more than this, his shipping containers became an international standard, allowing goods to be transported and warehoused across the globe – and bringing the most radical change to manufacturing since the Industrial Revolution.

Will there come Anti-Cyberattack services?

When I was involved in my first enterprise PC roll out 25 years ago, I was always impressed by antivirus software. Here was a central counterintelligence source of attack profiles and signatures with a defence against them. It was so much cleverer than the solitaire game we all played on the PC - teaching users mouse skills, we argued.

Does the Rise of Nationalism mean the End of Cloud?

Nobody could have missed the most significant political trend worldwide in recent years since the Brexit vote in UK. Donald Trump was elected President of the US on a protectionist mandate. Catalonia held a referendum vote on independence that the Spanish courts ruled illegal. France and Denmark have had national elections with prominent nationalist parties bringing in record levels of popular vote. The elections in Germany and Italy have been submerged in wrangling to deal with the consequences of the popular vote and the concerns of the establishment. Finally, in June, Italy agreed a government between La Lega – a nationalist party looking for partition of Italy into a federal state and more autonomous regions - and the populist, EU sceptical Five Star Movement. What does this all mean?

GDPR Arrived... And The Roof Didn’t Fall In … So What Next?

On 25th May, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation became effective. The regulation is intended to raise the bar with respect to protecting citizens’ personal data. In my previous post, I shared my thoughts on why I thought this new regulation came to be, and indeed, since writing that, the revelations have occurred about the use of personal data in election manipulation with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. The issue is that the threats in this space are ever increasing, so GDPR is part of a constant refresh to keep ahead of those threats; and it comes with a nasty stick in the form of hefty fines and compensation.

The Cruelty of GDPR

There is a joke circulating on the Internet, based on the classic song, “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”. The joke goes, “He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice; he’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice, Santa Claus is in contravention of Article 4 of General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.”