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Cloud technology - enabling things that would never have been possible before

In their recent Cloud Leadership White Paper, Solutionize Global published a new set of perspectives from experts in the field, including myself, focusing on the impact of cloud adoption and associated technologies.

10 lessons on the journey to the public cloud – Part 3: What’s holding you back?

In the first two parts of this blog series we have looked at why organizations should shift to public cloud.

10 lessons on the journey to the public cloud - Part 2: Why go to the public cloud?

In part one of our blog series on the journey to the public cloud, we took an introductory look at what it might mean to move to the cloud, and how Virtual Clarity helps clients understand the challenges ahead and identify the obstacles within their organizations.

10 lessons on the journey to the public cloud – Part 1: What to consider when thinking of moving to the cloud

In almost two-thirds of organizations today, IT can be managed outside the IT department, according to a recent major survey of chief information officers (CIOs). Even so, the world’s largest tech leadership poll, the 2019 Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO survey, also found that, while cloud-based services are “allowed” in around half of companies, they are only “encouraged” at one in ten.

The Existential Crisis facing Outsourcing

Following the release of the IT Outsourcing Market Research Report 2019, the changing landscape is a hot topic. Let’s look at how we have reached the current existential crisis facing the industry and how your enterprise can stay ahead of the curve…

Brexit is coming... smart banks are acting now!

With the UK set to lose £1tn of financial assets to Europe and banks forced to finalize plans only days from the set departure date, there is still considerable uncertainty on what kind of Brexit, if any, we will get; but the time for action is now.

Six steps to digital transformation in the cloud

Has your business invested heavily in the cloud, but you’re not seeing the results you expected?

Six steps for moving to a digital operating model in the cloud

Vice president, fellow and chief technology officer for the UKIIMEA region at DXC Technology Sukhi Gill has written a blog of the six best practices for moving to hybrid IT.

Robotic Process Automation – will it be different this time?

The pros and cons of cognitive Robot Process Automation (RPA) have been brought to the fore in Jason Bloomberg’s article for Forbes, ‘Why you should think twice about robotic process automation’.

Here, Virtual Clarity founder and chief technology officer Rens Troost responds on why he believes you should learn from the past and maybe not invest your time and treasure in RPA.

How Not To Fail With IT Transformations

I’ve recently read an article by Forrester titled, The Sorry State of Digital Transformation in 2018, and apart from the click-bait title, it really resonated with me. Digital and indeed, IT Transformation appears to be the buzzwords of this last decade. It’s great, and perhaps not at all surprising, to see that Forrester has identified a significant problem with the state of ‘IT transformation’. But what to do about it?