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Our top four takeaways from AWS Re:Invent

In early December, the Las Vegas Strip was awash with over 60,000 technology professionals for AWS’ Re:Invent showcase event.

Power to the cloud

Consumer Banking Transformation

Innovating with Virtual Clarity and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The case of the missing hockey stick

There are days when I wonder whether the old joke about 201x being the Year of VDI will be reused to talk about mass migration of legacy enterprise applications.

Transforming digital-ish assets on AWS- Using AWS machine learning services to transform core applications

An argument one often hears made about cloud migration is that, if you can just get your applications and workloads over to the platform, transforming them to use native cloud services will be simpler than trying to do it on the way in.

Service Management in a containerised environment: what is the impact?

As a business, we are often asked if the use of containers by enterprises drives a need for change in the approach to service management.

Service Management in a containerised environment: The nature of containers and the tech needed to run them

​At Virtual Clarity, we are often asked if the use of containers by enterprises drives a need for change in the approach to service management.

Understanding Containers and How Your Business Can Benefit

Those of us in the IT world have been hearing about the notion of ‘containers’ popping up a lot lately. Whilst containers as a concept has been around for many years, the current surge of adoption has largely been driven by the existence of Docker (a way of containerising and running containerised software) and, more recently Kubernetes (a way of managing containers at scale). Global enterprises, as well as start-ups have started adopting containers to speed up their Business As Usual processes. We’ve had a lot of client interest in integrating containers, so you may be wondering why are they resurfacing now, what exactly are they and are they beneficial to your business?

Let’s take a closer look.

Spectre and Meltdown: No ghost of a problem

Many of our customers are already aware of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities in modern microprocessors that were revealed in the last day, and many have asked us what they should do in response.

Hybrid Cloud: Standardise Everything

Quite often when we talk with clients about how they view Cloud and the type of shift they want to make in their approach to IT, the conversation turns to hybrid cloud.

For many of our clients, this is initially seen as a platform, consisting of both on-prem and public cloud capacity, that has a single overarching orchestration layer to deliver a consistent technical interface to those different types of capacity. i.e. the creation of a hybrid cloud is essentially a technology engineering and deployment challenge that needs to focus on standardising interfaces across providers.