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Deconstructing the Cloud with Alan Nance

Former Royal Philips VP of Technology Transformation, Alan Nance, outlines How to Leverage Cloud to Transition to ITaaS.

Executive Viewpoint 2016 Prediction: Virtual Clarity - Cut Technology Spending in 2016, Cut Your Organization Off at the Knees

You know that your business—and that of just about every private and public entity, for that matter— depends on substantial investment in various emerging disruptive consumer and enterprise technologies. Technology is now weaved so deeply into business models and overall company strategies that cutting back technology spending should be a nonstarter.

Dell against the Market. A $67 Billion Stroke of Genius or Back to The Future Smack Down?

One thing that is becoming ever more apparent is that the expansion of the connected world is making internal scale increasingly meaningless. For 120 years, scale and its economies have been the friend of large enterprise. That trend peaked two decades ago and now we are solidly in a world of scale inversion. In other words the economies of scale are moving from enterprise controlled market structures to ecosystems of externally connected consumers.

Will the OnDeck Capital and JP Morgan Chase agreement result in a FinTech Breakthrough?

What does it mean when a tier one bank, JPMC inserts OnDeck Capital's (ONDK) online lending service into its business lending supply-chain? Is this the breakthrough that signals the triumph of new “FinTech” lending models over old?

The answer isn't simple - as it's both Yes and No. It is a milestone that heralds a new change in supply-chain models but, no it is not a sign that FinTech business models are superior. So what is it? It’s a marker that large enterprises are finally finding a new way of working in a cloud enabled world.

From Fusion17 to Fission18? – Service Management’s Struggle For Significance

In 2010, the sun rose on a new age of cooperation between two leaders in service management, HDI, and itSMF USA. Their love child, FUSION brought together the “best of the best” — speakers, vendors, networking and social activities— the most respected minds in service management to help customers plan and achieve service excellence.

Should the board press pause on public cloud after Intel’s Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities?

Over the past few days, there have been grumbles about the viability of the public cloud because of recently discovered issues with the hardware that Intel provides to all suppliers of all technology systems. Some commentators, like the respected Russel Brown of Verge, are calling out that this “CPU catastrophe will hit hardest in the cloud.”